Hero Design – Website Design: 7 of the Best Examples

The team here at for the marketers have put together a list of some of the best hero designs we’ve come across and we will also break down what makes it such a great hero! Hopefully this list inspires you during your next website project.

For those that may not be familiar with the term hero, according to Wikipedia: Hero image refers to a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center.

This is where a lot of first impressions are made!

That’s because the hero area is often the first visual element a visitor sees online and may be the first time for them even hearing about your business as a whole; it should be a space that puts a business’s best foot forward with a design that overview’s the site’s most important content. A hero area often consists of image/video, text, and an action. It can also be static or dynamic (i.e. a rotating list of images and/or topics).

The advantages of great hero design includes:

  • Establishing the brand to the visitor
  • Interactivity that keeps the visitor on the site long
  • Start storytelling of the business
  • Talking to the target market

Roof Treatment Service Hero Design

Take a Look at RoofSaver’s website. It uses its large hero area to visually tell a story of the service they provide while introducing you to their employees and visually introduces their brand to the visitor. Win, win win! Within a handful of seconds a visitor is able to identify the service provided and is then presented with the option to book a consultation to learn more. What else could a visitor need?

Digital Marketing Service Website Hero

Check out Mainland’s website. Their hero is a great example of a big, dynamic hero with lots of movement, text transitions. The header is a great introduction into their services and the sub-text allows more context to the heading without over-complicating the design.

Digital Marketing Service Website Hero

Here is another approach to a great header design. Take a peek at Forthea’s website. This header may look simple but provides a little bit of movement and draw to the eye with the green line that expands downward, making you want to scoll to see what it will take you to.

Something that all the website’s share so far, as well, is the way it talks to its target market. They are not just telling their visitors their company name, or telling them exactly their services, but presents themselves as a solution to its visitor. In this example they could of easily replaced the header with “Top Digital Marketing Agency”, but “Helping Others Succeed” is a more inviting approach to saying hello to its website visitors.

Dynamic Marketing Website Hero Design

All you can say is WOW when you first land on Handsome’s website. The dynamic header starts off as a simple, cordial introduction but quickly sucks you right in to the fun. This website is true inspiration, and a reason for business’s to push their creativity when it comes to their digital storefront. Tip: Push the “Play Reel” button if you visit this website, you will be glad you did!

Products Website – Furniture Gallery Hero

I personally have never visited RH Austin, but their website definitely makes me wish I could! The hero is so big and visually compelling that it draws your eye around the whole page to take in the scene. It’s important for visitors to see the storefront to tie the name with the place, helping website visitors become store visitors and hopefully customers!

Products Website Hero

Have you checked out Bellroy’s Slim Your Wallet Landing Page yet? This is a great example of an interactive hero area that tells the story of what problem their product helps solve. The interactive slider adds a fun and clean way of enticing its visitor to stay on its website for just a little bit longer, at least enough to slide the slider back and forth to see the product in action.

Event Website

Barcamp’s website reminds us all to have a little fun when it comes to website/hero design! With a little bit of movement when loading in, the visitor is greeted with bright, vibrant colors that can’t help you smile! Of course, such a creative hero isn’t for everyone, but when there is room for a little bit of fun, this is a sign to push the envelope a little bit further!

for the markers

Next time you are looking for inspiration on creating the perfect hero here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  1. Tell your target audience how your product or service solves a problem they have in a concise yet conversational way.
  2. Establish a balance with your hero when it comes to the visual, typography, and CTA.
  3. Dynamic heroes, as opposed to static heroes, are becoming more and more common as the movement helps keep a visitor on your homepage longer.
  4. Interactive hero designs are even more compelling, as it allows the visitor a way to interact with the brand in an easy and fun way, making for a great first impression.

Comment your favorite website hero and why you like it and we may include your submission in our next article!

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